Learn & Travel with Tai Chi Traveler

Tai Chi Traveler
is a completely unique way to tour through & holidays in Asia's most attractive and interesting destinations with a lots of activities, while also intensively practicing China's most popular meditative martial art. This privately guided experience provides one-on-one training with one of our Tai Chi traveler teachers. We will also serve as your personal local guides and interpreters to make your experience in Asia truly unforgettable.

 Our Tai Chi Retreat Holidays

is a complete package and include

The best quality Chen & Yang tai chi and mindfulness tao meditation instruction

Outdoor activities including hiking, biking, rafting , climing and simply relax in nature.

All meals included During your retreat holiday.

Comfortable accommodation

Optional vegetarian cooking classes

Chinese Massage and tea ceremony

Airport or train station pick up and drop off

All within a friendly relaxed warm and welcoming environment.

In one of the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes in China.

We want to give you what we love. 
We believe the best way to be healthy is to practice tai chi and to share it. 

 Tai Chi Retreat Holidays in Yangshuo & China         View All

Tai Chi Retreat Holidays is the perfect way to conbine a tai chi practice into your Asia travel holidays. You can mix and match activities, You can always create your own schedule, join us at anytime of the year, for as many days, weeks, and months as you desire, all for a reasonable price and excellent service.

Experience authentic tai chi and real life Asia culture, taste local cuisine, take day trips, relax on the beach, and participate in activities such as Tai Chi, hiking, biking, climing, cooking, discovery the mountains, visiting local markets, warking around small villages, towns, and more.


5 Days

Yangshuo Tai Chi Mountains & Rivers




5 Days

San ya Luxury Beach Tai Chi Holidays

in  Hainan island



5 Days

Chen Village Push-hands Intensive Training

In Henan Province



2 Weeks

Yangshuo & Long ji Tai Chi & Qigong




4 Weeks

Tai Chi & Qi gong Intensive Training

in Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy



4 Days

Yangshuo Authentic Tai Chi


Conutine read


6 Days

Yangshuo & Longji Tai Chi Mountain




2 Weeks

Yunnan Mountain Adventure

in Southwest China


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The most perfect combination of holiday is Tai Chi Retreat Holidays with Tai Chi Traveler in Asia.

We always would like to practice Tai Chi where life is in nature, fresh air, beautiful location. and where all that is combined with mindfulness techniques of Tai Chi and outdoor activities, as well as excellent service.

If you love Tai Chi and are in need of a break. Our Tai Chi retreat holidays is the perfect for you. Practices and Relax! Do what you love. Leave the rest to us!

 Our mission & what we do

We wanted to develop a style of Tai Chi retreat holidays that was all together different, where traveler's can become part of country - and not just tourists looking in. We want to have fun, meet people, learn new things, explore, and do stuff we could never do at home.  We want to travel by any means possible, and stay anywhere and everywhere!  We want you to be a Tai Chi Traveler!!

We try to enrich peoples lives by creating unique, interactive Tai Chi retreat holidays experiences, allowing travelers to visit our country, see the highlights whilst regularly training Tai Chi.  We want you to feel that you are part of country.

We are passionate about what we do and encourage you and inspire you to achieve personal growth.  We work together and apart, we are creative and innovative in what we do, but above all we enjoy Tai Chi and have a lot fun.

“Wonderful way to learn the art of Tai Chi”