About Us

Tai Chi Traveler

Tai Chi Traveler is a completely unique way to tour & holiday through Asia’s most attractive and interesting destinations with a lots of activities, while also intensively practicing China’s most popular meditative martial art. This privately guided experience provides one-on-one training with one of our Tai Chi traveler teachers. We will also serve as your personal local guides and interpreters to make your experience in Asia truly unforgettable

Our mission & what we do

We wanted to develop a style of Tai Chi retreat holidays that was all together different, where traveler’s can become part of country – and not just tourists looking in. We want to have fun, meet people, learn new things, explore, and do stuff we could never do at home.  We want to travel by any means possible, and stay anywhere and everywhere!  We want you to be a Tai Chi Traveler!!

We try to enrich peoples lives by creating unique, interactive Tai Chi retreat holidays experiences, allowing travelers to visit our country, see the highlights whilst regularly training Tai Chi.  We want you to feel that you are part of country.

We are passionate about what we do and encourage you and inspire you to achieve personal growth.  We work together and apart, we are creative and innovative in what we do, but above all we enjoy Tai Chi and have a lot fun.

The Story of Tai Chi Traveler

Tai Chi Traveler is the sister of Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy China, and was founded by Huang Hua (Henry) who is the academys chairman. Having run a successful Tai Chi academy in Yangshuo for over 10 years, Henry wanted to teach Tai Chi whilst combining it with the culture of travel. He spent many years travelling around Asia, which gave birth to a desire to also give those interested in both Tai Chi and travel the opportunity to do both at once; so Tai Chi Traveler was born.

Yangshuo remains the head quarters where students can train all year round, however, in order to accommodate those who want to see Asia and continue to enjoy Tai Chi, we have chosen several locations to visit that we feel to be both culturally and spiritually significant.

How Do We Travel to Learn Tai Chi ?

We have designed several retreats & short trips which allow students to train on a regular basis whilst visiting the highlights of each city or town. Yet our ethos remains the same – to become involved in the local life of each place. We use a variety of transport, both public and private, including buses, taxis, bikes, boats and trains. For longer journeys we mostly take overnight sleeper trains, but occasionaly we take a flight. The accomdation we use is equally varied, we like to include a stay with a local family, sometimes a guesthouse or a hotel. We also love to camp outdoors in the mountains, on the beach, or close to a waterfall, where we have lots of space to practice Tai Chi and connect with the nature around us. Being a Tai Chi Traveler is a way of living, it means you have freedom to practice anywhere, and at any time, and this is reflected in the fluidity and spontaneity of our trips.

Why Holidays & Learn Tai Chi with Tai Chi Traveler?

As our living standards continuously improve and our daily work and lives gradually electricitize,computerize,automatize, we do less and less exercise. As the amount of physical exercise we do decreases so does our good health. Tai Chi Traveller is the perfect antidote to this stagnation brought on by modern living, combining the physical benefits of daily Tai Chi with the enlightening experiences of travel. Trips also include many activities besides Tai Chi such as hiking, biking, climbing, and even cooking, to rejuvinate both the body, mind, and spirit.