Master Huang Hua (Henry) is the 12th generation direct-line successor of Chen Style Tai Chi Quan; Chinese Wu Shu Grade 6. Founder and Head Coach of Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy & Tai Chi Traveler and one of the highest level Chen Style Tai Chi masters in China today, having spent over 20 years training and teaching. He has won many times Tai Chi Forms and push-hands compertition.

 Huang Hua was fond of Tai Chi from childhood and began to learn Yang and Chen-style Tai Chi at the age of 10.  For the last 20 years he has taught thousands of Chinese and Western students.  He is diligent and practices regularly, and has become a master in the Tai Chi free-style fistfight and wrestling; the art of attack and defense; and has given many lectures on the principals of Tai Chi throughout the World.

In addition master Huang is an Instructor of national social physical training (Government certified to teach throughout China the world); a member of Chinese Martial Arts Association; a member of the Arts of Tai Chi Wang Xi An Institute of Researching. Master Huang speaks flawless English and speaks some french enough to teaching tai chi and has worked very closely with many different cultures with a great degree of success.

Master Tang ( Tina ) is a Tai Chi master and speaks very good English. She is diligent and practices regularly with master Wang xi an for a long time. For last a few year she has been working hard in the academy,  She is the manager and one of our teacher training instuctor.

Teaching for beginners to advanced Tai Chi practitioners. Conducts group classes as well as individual classes during retreats and academy. Believes in the healing nature of tai chi and is a Qigong and meditation master.

Master Gong has a vast experience of  Chen Tai Chi, Yang Tai Chi and Qi gong, and has been training and teaching for many years.  He is interested in stone collecting and cultivating herbal medicines with social participation. he has shared his knowledge and wisdom about stone health recovery and Chinese herbal medicines not only to numerous rural villages in China, but also to international travelers who seek physical and mental relief through Chinese herbal medicines.