What is Tai Chi or Tai ji?

What is Tai Chi or Tai ji?
What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi comes from Wu Chi. Yang comes from the motion of Tai Chi. When motion goes to its extreme, stillness comes from. Yin comes from stillness. When stillness goes to its extreme motion come from. Motion and stillness come from each other.

Yin and Yang form a simple space. The change of Yin and Yang create five elements. They are water, fire, wood, metal, and earth. Five Qi are distributed, and four seasons operate. Five elements are from Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang is from Tai Chi. Tai Chi come from Wu Chi.

The words above tell me: Tai Chi is the movement of Yin and Yang, and they produce all things.

Tai Chi is a truth. Tai chi is a supreme perfect truth.

Tai Chi comes from Wu Chi. Tai Chi is origin of motion and stillness, and the mother of Yin and Yang

From our ancestors description on Tai Chi, I got that: Tai Chi is the most mighty and perfect truth of the movement of Yin and Yang.

If anyone wants to understand the truth of Tai Chi, I think, he must do Tai Chi practice by himself. Let our body and spirit get into the Tai Chi state. This is the only way to get a real understanding of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is not only a truth.Tai Chi is:

A standard
A state
A process
A method
A nature law

Tai Chi is a state and process which everything should be experienced in this universe.

Tai Chi is the most popular nature law and the ultimate standard of all things.

Tai Chi also opens out the most grandeur method driving all things to develop and change.

The way of Tai Chi covers all things in the universe.

Tai Chi is the core of Dao.

If people ask for what is Dao, a simple answer could be:

Dao is the way to reach to Tai Chi.

I define Tai Chi as:

Tai Chi is a limit of harmony.

The limit: here is a mathematical concept, it is the final dynamic point of extreme harmony which can be approachable but can never be reached.

A limit of harmony exists inside all things in the universe.

A limit of harmony exists in the invisible ¡°truth¡± of all things.

A limit of harmony exists among visible state or form of all things.

All things in the universe have been in the state of evolution between harmony and disharmony forever.

The way of Tai Chi is the law and method of achieving the limit of harmony.

Tai Chi is a harmony of limit state. It is impossible for everything to arrive at its limit state of harmony. So, Tai Chi has set up an ultimate meridian standard for universe.

Our ancestors apply the seeking to limit state of harmony: to self cultivating, healthy fitness exercise and combating technique, so the Tai Chi Chuan was created.

Our ancestors apply the seeking to limit state of harmony to every social and economic activity, the resplendent ancient Chinese culture was created as Chinese saying: There is a Zhuang Yuan (champion) in each of the seventy two professional fields.

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